FRANCK MULLER Hardware Wallet

Where and How to Store Hardware Wallet 

The most important thing is to remember that if you have your mnemonic phrase, you can restore your funds even if you lose your Hardware Wallet! 

So make sure that your mnemonic phrase is safe and stored separately from the hardware wallet itself.  

Most Hardware Wallets have built-in security preventing any stranger from accessing your funds without your permission, like passwords, pins, and fake accounts. Some have temper-proof futures, meaning it’s protected from being physically opened to get inside. It will require pro and special equipment to get your funds out of the stolen and cracked-open wallet (if it’s not temper-proof), so it will take some time for the thief to figure it out. 

Hardware Wallets are designed to be with you handy or stored in highly accessible places. It’s more dangerous if your Hardware Wallet gets stolen and you are unaware of it! If you know it right away, the thief would have very little time to break into it. At the same time, you can move your funds to another wallet if you know it immediately.  

In our rating list of Hardware Wallets, you’ll find three categories:

The Best Most Secured Hardware Wallets,

The Best Advanced Secured Hardware Wallets,

The Best Standard Secured Hardware WalletsThe Best The Best Standard Secured Hardware Wallets

The Best The Best Low Secured Hardware Wallets

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Where and How to Store Your Hardware Wallet Some Ideas

As noted by Bitcoin and blockchain expert Andreas M. Antonopoulos in a 2019 YouTube session, one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make in protecting their crypto asset is “over-complicating” the process.

Store Hardware Wallet inside Books Like Storage

As we find hiding small objects in books super effective by making a hollow space inside the book and placing the item into the space. You can also buy one if you are uncomfortable making it out of your books. This classic espionage-grade method will keep your hardware wallet hidden in plain sight.

Store Hardware Wallet Inside Wall Sockets

Hiding your hardware wallet in a wall socket is an effective and secure out-of-sight storage method. It has easy access and installation, safer than ever, small but practical, discreet packaging. You can be sure that no one but you will find out about your hidden wall safe.

Store Hardware Wallet inside Shoes with Hidden Space

Your shoes can be an excellent place to hide your hardware wallet. You can go on the internet to discover how to make hollow spaces within the sole of your shoe to hide your wallet. You could also purchase a shoe with ready-made hollows for storage purposes. As long as you don’t absent-mindedly wear the shoes to the gym on “leg day,” this method works perfectly.

Store Hardware Wallet inside Groceries & Housewares

Hiding items, such as a hardware wallet, inside a houseware or jar or bag of grains, is a safe way to store your wallet out of sight. All you need do is seal off any openings on the wallet, place it in a plastic bag, and bury it in your favorite jar of rice. However, you need to keep the jar or bag containing your wallet away from reach so that you don’t randomly stumble on a loved one boiling the paint off your device!

Store Hardware Wallet inside Bird House

If you have a garden space or porch outside your home, you could consider creating or buying a pretend birdhouse to store your hardware wallet. This storage spot works excellently, as it is unlikely to draw suspicion. However, as with the bathroom suggestion, you need to place your device in watertight packaging before placing it in the birdhouse in case of rain or other harsh weather conditions. 

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